Alameda County, Butte County, Contra Costa County, Sacramento County, and Yuba County

How It Works

At PEACE HOUSE, we take pride in providing a structured and supportive environment for individuals committed to their journey of sobriety. Our admission process is designed to ensure that our residents are serious about their recovery and can thrive in our community. Here's how it works:

Admission Requirements

To be accepted at any of our facilities, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Serious About Sobriety: We welcome individuals who are genuinely committed to achieving and maintaining sobriety. Your dedication to this goal is paramount.
  • 30 Days Sober: In most cases, residents are required to have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety. However, we do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, understanding that everyone's journey is unique.
  • Working a Program with a Sponsor: We believe in the power of recovery programs and the support of sponsors. Residents must actively participate in a recovery program and have a sponsor.
  • Drama-Free Commitment: Maintaining sobriety can be challenging enough, so we foster a drama-free environment. We expect residents to contribute positively to the community and avoid disruptive behaviors.

Weekly Commitments

To ensure your progress in recovery and active participation in our community, we have the following weekly commitments for residents:

  • AA or NA Meetings: Residents are required to attend a minimum of four Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings per week. These meetings are essential for support and growth in your recovery journey.
  • House Meetings: To foster communication and unity within our community, residents are expected to attend a weekly house meeting. This provides an opportunity to address any concerns, share experiences, and build connections.
  • Occupational Engagement: Residents are encouraged to stay engaged with meaningful activities outside the house. This can include working, volunteering, or pursuing educational goals for a minimum of 35 hours per week. Keeping occupied is an essential part of maintaining a balanced and purposeful life.


Rules and Guidelines


Our purpose at PEACE HOUSE is to encourage responsibility and dignity for individuals in recovery. We provide a safe environment for you to transition into a lifelong, dedicated-to-sobriety, happy individual.


The house adheres to a "Grow or Go" policy. It is a privilege to live at a PEACE HOUSE facility and we are proud of the dedication our men and women have achieved to maintain their sobriety. In order to stay here, you must conform to the agreed upon House Rules and Guidelines. You must fill your days with some type of productive activity, whether that be working, volunteering, going to school, going to meetings; and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you must be working a strong "recovery program". If you are not doing what you need to GROW, you will be asked to GO.


Fees are different at all of our locations, and quite possibly different within a single location. Please check with the Director of Operations at: [email protected] for the fees associated with the location you prefer. Or you can ask the House Manager at the location of your choice.

The intake fee at all locations is $100. This fee is a one time, non- refundable fee, due at intake.

Living Space:

Bed or room, and bath assignment, parking, house keys, kitchen space, chores/duties, etc., will be all be assigned and determined by the House Manager.


Visitors are allowed in the common areas of the house and yard. Visitors are welcome for short visits; no visitors are ever allowed for overnight stays. The House Manager has final say on guest visitation for guests who have caused disturbances in the past. DO NOT BRING GUESTS or other housemates into your sleeping area under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you need assistance moving your things in and out, the House Manager will give approval for a guest to accompany you and him/her to the bedroom areas of the house.


Relapse, or using of any kind, even if it is a substance that was not your "drug of choice", is grounds for immediate dismissal. It is the House Manager"s discretion whether to grant a 72 hour stay or evict you on the spot. If granted a 72 hour stay, you must leave and detox at a location other than PEACE HOUSE. Upon returning, if you test clean, you may be allowed to return. If you relapse a second time, you will be dismissed immediately. If you are using while not at your "home" facility, this is considered a relapse and will be treated as such. Returning residents will be on a 30 day probation.

House Rules
  • Clean up/pick up after yourself. You must make sure your kitchen items are cleaned and put away after use, your bathroom items are stored after use, and your laundry stored if dirty and put away if clean.
  • Keep your room clean, your bed made, and your clothes put away
  • Chores will be assigned by the House Manager
  • Respect "quiet time" in the bedrooms; some people get up early or have varied schedules
  • Respect "good neighbor policy" when outdoors; no excessive noise or loud music, crude language, etc.
  • No sleeping the common areas of the house
  • Smoking is allowed OUTSIDE ONLY; be considerate and remove your smoking debris when finished
  • You must post your schedule on the Board
  • You must post your sponsor and his/her phone # on the board
  • No "borrowing" others" food, clothes, beverages, or personal items without permission
  • No STEALING, if you need something, ask the House Manager
  • No overnights the first 30 days
  • Must be working, volunteering, going to meetings, or otherwise occupied (out of the house) 35 hours per week
  • No entering a room that isn't yours
  • A medication profile must be kept current in each occupant's file. If something changes, you must alert the House Manager immediately
  • House Manager or Assistant House Manager is in charge at all times
  • No sexual conduct at any time; serious consequences could include eviction
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn outside of your bedroom
  • No overnight guests
  • Must attend "house" meeting once per week
Bed Fee Rules
  • Bed fee is due on the first, no exceptions
  • NSF checks will be charged $25 and cash/money order will be required going forward
  • No maximum stay with PEACE HOUSE, 13 month maximum stay at any one facility, 90 day minimum stay
  • Probation period first 30 days; occupancy is tentative to management's assessment of resident being a good fit
  • Bed fees are late on the 4th, and on the 5th client will be asked to leave for non-payment of bed fees
Sober Rules
  • Absolutely NO alcohol or drugs allowed under any conditions
  • Any USE of alcohol/drugs is cause for possible immediate eviction on the spot without refund of bed fees
  • Absolutely no guests who are using or intoxicated will be permitted on the premises
  • AA/NA/PA Meeting attendance is required at least 4 times per week, 3 times if working full time
  • Random testing for alcohol/drug use will be administered
  • You must be working the 12 step program, have a sponsor, and attend regular meetings
  • Anonymity is key; what is said in the HOUSE, stays in the HOUSE


  • Stealing
  • Intoxication
  • Possession of a weapon
  • Threatening anyone in the House
  • Fighting
  • Refusing to or not paying bed fees
  • Refusing to be drug or alcohol tested (automatic "dirty", immediate eviction)
  • Not returning to the house at night/taking an overnight without permission (going AWOL)
  • Total disregard of House Rules that affect Safety and Well Being/Sobriety of the other occupants. If you are dismissed/evicted; you will forfeit any unused fees. You must arrange for your belongings to be picked up within 3 days of dismissal. Your items will not be returned unless your account is current.


It is important that you understand that you are in charge of your pet. You aren't allowed to ask housemates to feed, watch, let in/out, babysit, walk, or be in charge of your pet. You must feed, water, vaccinate, and clean up after your own pet.

Rules for pets:
  • Only well trained pets allowed.
  • No aggressive pets.
  • Cats and dogs only!
  • A one time pet fee of $100 required.
  • Pets must be current on vaccinations.
  • You may not take an overnight and leave your pet behind.
  • Indoor cats must have their litter box in the garage, no exceptions.
  • Dogs must have their dog-doo cleaned up after each outside visit, whether walking in neighborhood or in our yard.
  • If your animal destroys other housemates belongings, or harms other housemates' pets, you are responsible for the damage immediately.
  • If your animal destroys the house, you will be responsible for the immediate cleaning/repair/replacement. This includes soiling the carpet.
  • You may not have more than one pet.